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IDM.Net Configuration Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

Available files:

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Assemblies for work with .Net.Win and .Net.Web App.config inside client apllications. Collections of special basic classes responsible for getting the xml.config file, its correct division and interpretation. The component contains a strong name and may be registered into Global Assembly Cache (GAC) by means of gacutil.

For instance, the classes might be as follows:







Assemblies offers:

Now written in 100% managed code

NET Framework 1.1 Support

Easy management of extensive configs

Easy management of config versions

Easy management of application configs

Easy management of external configs

Easy management of language settings

Easy management of groups and sections

Easy management of database operations (command)

Easy validation of used keys duplicity

Use of 181 default properties

Use of 13 standard default return value and reference types

Use of 10 enumeration return types

Use of 8 special default return types

Unlimited possibility to define userĀ“s properties for each element

Easy and unified implementation for all projects

Easy and user-friendly teamwork

Uniform access to configuration data through all applications in the company

Accelerated development of .Net Win and .Net Web applications and configuration files maintenance

Accessible default setting of section

Possibility od detailed description (comment) of any element

Easy creation of statistics of individual values usage

Extensive support and management of events

Unlimited number of plugins

Unlimited number of loaded external configs

System Requirements:

MS Framework 1.1.

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